Recent FDR Project Profiles


Various Streets 

Client: City of San Leandro
Existing Section: Variable throughout city
FDR Section: Based on Traffic Index requirement
Project Notes: These streets vary from residential to collectors to high volume industrial. FDR was performed on 19 streets over the last 4 years.



Santa_Clara.jpgSANTA CLARA, CA
11 Residential Streets (TI 5)

Client: City of Santa Clara
Existing Section: Average 2.5" AC/ 7" AB
FDR Section: 3" AC/ 10" FDR
Project Notes: The CIty inherited this unincorporated neighborhood which required significant pavement dollars to rehabilitate. FDR proved to be the most economical and quickest to construct.


Brookside.jpgSTOCKTON, CA
Brookside Estates (23 Streets)

Clients: Golf Association, Lake Association and Master Association
Existing Section: 2.5" AC/ 12" LTS
FDR Section: 3" AC/15" FDR
Project Notes: This community, situated between several lakes and the Sacramento River, experienced major pavement failures. HSI provided the best solution to maintain the pavement's performance under saturated conditions. 


Port_of_Oakland.jpgOAKLAND, CA
Port of Oakland, Berths 20-24

Client: Coast Inland Constructors
Existing Section: 12" AC/ no AB
FDR Section: 7" AC/ 14" FDR
Project Notes: Design required removal of existing deteriorated pavements and reconstruction with new materials. HSI provided value engineering to recycle the existing materials in-place using FDR.


Santa_Cruz.jpgSANTA CRUZ, CA
3 Roads (TI 6)

Client: County of Santa Cruz
Existing Section: 2.5" AC /SG
FDR Section: 3" AC/ 14" FDR @ 4% Cement
Project Notes: Existing roads contained no base section. AC and native soils were stabilized to 400 psi.



Watsonville.jpgWATSONVILLE, CA
Green Valley Road (TI 10)

Client: City of Watsonville
Existing Section: 5" AC/ 11" AB
FDR Section: 5" AC/ 18" FDR @ 5% Cement
Project Notes: After completing another segment of Green Valley Rd for the County, the City of Watsonville asked HSI to provide an FDR design for this high volume roadway. 


Hayward.jpgHAYWARD, CA
La Playa Drive

Client: DRYCO Construction
Existing Section: 3" AC/ 9" AB
FDR Section: 3" AC/ 10" FDR
Project Notes: HSI's value engineering provided an FDR alternative, which resulted in significant cost savings and allowed for additional rehabilitated square feet to be performed.


Yolo_County.jpgYOLO COUNTY, CA
County Roads 22, 29 and 90

Client: Geocon 
Existing Section: (Avg.) 6" AC/ 8" AB
FDR Section: 3" AC/ 12" FDR
Project Notes: HSI/ Geocon (Joint Venture) provided the County with an FDR design that addressed the variability of the existing pavement conditions.